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Scale Faster with the Pre-built Shopify Plus OMS Integration

  • B2C and B2B order management
  • High volume order processing - grow without limits
  • Omnichannel fulfillment
  • Easy setup for existing Shopify Plus stores
  • Product data sync
  • Inventory data sync
  • Orders pulled automatically for quick fulfillment
  • Ship notices and tracking numbers pushed to Shopify Plus when order is shipped
  • Shopify POS orders supported
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Order Management
• Order visibility for orders at any point in the order process (customer, CSR, fulfillment)
• Workflows: Adjustable workflows according to variables like available inventory, payment, and location

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Product Management
• Single point of record for all websites, sales channel product information
• Customizable product field definitions (re-definable custom fields, product tags for search)

Customer Management -1.png

Customer Management
• Point of record for all customer information for B2B sales. Records payment method, addresses, and order history
• CRM functionality: create notes, follow-up actions
• Search - deep, fast search into large database

Sales Management -1.png

Sales Management
• API integration to new order sources
• Streamlines B2B & Wholesales order/sales process with simple creation of new accounts (account terms, pricing segmentation on per client or per product list)

Warehouse Management -1.png

Warehouse Management 
• iOS App for warehouse / fulfillment staff or store staff
• Tried & tested fulfillment tool with single or batch order picking, real-time inventory locations, and direct connections to drop-ship vendors

Inventory Management -1.png

Inventory Management
• Real-time inventory data synced with Shopify Plus
• Inventory allocation across multiple locations
• Detailed reporting

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